Google Adwords campaigns – AdWords (PPC) is the advertising system through which one bids for specific keywords so they appear in Google search results.

64,6% of people who search for a service or a product online click on Google ads.

50% of people arriving on a retailer’s website through paid ads have higher chances to purchase a product than those from organic search.

Our main strategic commitments are designed to provide measurable results, from proper analysis of keywords, to ads customized according to each brand, memorable banner design and campaigns that bring forth positive actions from customers.
Whether your business is at the beginning or currently developing, we will help you to grow.

Certified Google Partner Agency!

Campaign audit

For newly established campaigns there are conducted market researches and search interest analysis for shaping the right strategy. For already existing campaigns there is conducted a close analysis of some representative metrics, such as quality score, number of impressions or click rate, in order to improve them.

Setting objectives

Establishing a suitable marketing strategy is essential in creating a successful campaign, and understanding the behavior of the target consumer and its needs is an important part of this process.

Caring out smart campaigns

Improving conversions with attractive ads optimized for devices, adding location extensions, sitelink for call and keywords that are relevant to your campaign and your company’s goals.

Personalized Ads

Getting more high-quality clients with optimized ads, focused on the specific needs of your business. Strong ads lead to brand awareness and make you stand out on a market with high competitors.

Budget optimization

Maximizing bids to get more potential customers and reduce the costs involved. This can be achieved through a well-realized targeting on demographic segments, adding negative keywords and blocking IPs that generate budget losses.

Analysis and Results

Permanent improvement in the advertising strategy with campaigns based on data from platforms. Results included in personalized monthly reports, then analyzed together with an Adwords specialist for a clearer view of the campaign’s evolution.

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